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current in-game desktop theme of the TARDIS

TARDIS console room (11th Doctor era, currently in-game)

First look when you enter. The stairs up to the console are only three low steps.

Left: doors to the outside. Middle: stairs leading up to a corridor which leads further into the ship. Right: one set of stairs leading down from the console level to a sort of storage area/alcove, a second set of stairs leading down to the lowest level under the console.

Note the hatstand.

The level under the console has weird holes in the floor... you can't see what's down there, but best not to drop anything in them.

TARDIS innards!

And the Doctor has a swing down there. Let's all take a moment to imagine Twelve swinging in the swing.

The big round thing in the wall is usually turned off / has some kind of bubbly alien screensaver on...

...but can be used as a big scanner screen.

Console Panels

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listen harder. there are so many. and that time rotor is v threatening
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that is far too simple a categorisation of things i am intimidated by. you left out colours, sudden movements, things that make glowing reflections, and bathrooms