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Area of Awareness and Sensor Range

1. Area of Awareness
The TARDIS is very likely to notice anything out of the ordinary that happens in this area (like, say, angels being dicks), unless her entire attention is currently occupied elsewhere (e.g. the Dreaming). However, she might have difficulty differentiating 'out of the ordinary' from normal rift interference, so it's not guaranteed that she would actually do anything about it. This is also where she notices people she knows approaching, and rift activity in this area affects her the most.


2. Sensor Range
The TARDIS can extend her sensors to cover this area when she needs to, for example to search for anomalies or people whose physical signature she already knows (so she can't easily locate someone she's only met in the Dreaming, though there's a chance she might be able to detect their telepathic signature if it's significant enough). It uses up power to cover this area, so she doesn't keep it up all the time.

Both these ranges can be extended if she takes her humanoid body outside of them, since it serves as a focal point for her consciousness/senses/abilities.